What is PHABLETS and its advantageous

In South Korea, the in thing is not the popular tablets but phablets funny as it may sound. Analytics by Flurry Analytics showed that in South Korea the mobile devices that are used there are phablets and worldwide they have a percentage of 7. A worldwide survey of 100,000 iOS and Android devices was done and this is when it showed that 7 percent were phablets. South Korea takes pride in what it manufacturers and this can be proved by the way they receive their homemade products as 85 percent of the devices that are owned by the locals are made in South Korea while Samsung enjoys 60 percent market share in the country.

Phablets have made it easier for users to have a single device instead of two. This is a smartphone that is a combination of a tablet and a smartphone and when you have it you do not need to have two devices. Its screen is 5 to 6.9 inches which are 130 to 180 mm in size.

The advantage of owning one of this device is the fact that you will no longer need to two devices although it has seen its fare of critics as being an oversized smartphone or just too small for a tablet. The fact that phablets are two in one makes it more popular and especially for those that are in South Korea where they are very popularly used. Get one of this and enjoy what South Koreans are enjoying.

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