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    The first broadcast for msnbc news was in 1996. This was when two companies, Microsoft and National Broadcasting Corporation decided to join forces and started the live online stream of msnbc news. On this platform, they would get the best of both worlds. With Microsoft being an expert in technology, enabling the MSNBC news streaming and the National Broadcasting Corporation with its already steady broadcasting reputation.

    In 2005 Microsoft sold a large portion of its shares to NBC, giving them sole control over the company and the Live MSNBC TV. The partnership came to an end two years later when NBC took over the remaining shares from Microsoft, allowing them both to specialize in their fields as NBC focused on msnbc live online news and Microsoft continues to handle the technical aspect and to generate the web traffic.

    Now that MSNBC has sole control over the company, they were free to experiment with the types of news they provided. They started specializing in the broadcasting of primetime news and became the most viewed news broadcasting company in America.


    MSNBC Live online Free Stream

    MSNBC news, and msnbc live stream is now available on various platforms. You can access the MSNBC live online streaming from your mobile device as well as from your tablet or desktop PC. All of the most recent and accurate news is available on the MSNBC news streaming network.

    The live msnbc TV is also available providing full episodes of all stories for your convenience. Recently NBC news is more frequently watched from the mobile network, including all the latest political, entertainment and international breaking news. MSNBC is reaching more than 96 million households who watch MSNBC live. Be sure to tune in to primetime weekdays between 8 and 11 pm, and you will receive the in-depth news reports of all latest stories.


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