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    It is a fact that we have to install different application if we want to use Gtalk, skype or other instant messengers on our smartphones. However, now this problem can be handled pleasantly with the mean of Imo.im. This instant messenger is indeed best for every person who wants to sign into multiple IM at the same time. There are a lot of people who are already enjoying the benefits of this messenger but again many don’t have any idea of it. Therefore, today I decided to inform my dear readers about a messenger with the help of which one can use different messengers at the same time. Before I proceed, I would like to tell you that this instant messenger was first dedicated to desktop but right now you are in a position to get imo for Android, iPad, Blackberry, iPhone and iPod Touch.
    Imo Features for iPad and Mobile Phones
    Imo supports different instant messengers such as Skype, Google Talk, Facebook, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo,AIM, MySpace, Jabber, etc

    One can share one’s media files like videos and images through it.
    You can communicate with your colleagues, friends, and other people on the different IM but through the same command.
    Enter your account user name and password and you would be able to start the chat with your buddy.
    Sometimes you don’t like to type so you are able to record your voice message and send it to your friend.
    You can search the chat history, go for either landscape and portrait mode and find the favorite friend list only when you have Imo on iPad.
    Custom group can be established; for example, you can make not only the friend group but also the work group.
    So if you have multiple IM account then it’s time to have Imo application on your device as this application makes the communication more comfortable and fast for you.

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