Upping The Ante

As tensions keep simmering between America and North Korea – Iran, President Trump has upped the rhetoric as usual. His latest remarks in an interview on Wednesday with Fox News’s Sean Hannity bodes ill.

On Oct 5th President Trump met with various military leaders during which they discussed Iran, North Korea, Afghanistan and the fight against Islamic State. After dinner during a photo opportunity, President Trump made a seemingly off the cuff remark to the press ‘’do you know what this represents? Maybe, the calm before the storm’’. When pressed at the time for an explanation President Trump he responded by saying ‘’we have the world’s greatest military people’’ however refused to elaborate further.

north korea war with america


This off-handed remark sparked much curiosity and questioning of Mr. Trump’s real motive behind the remarks. The North Koreans and Iran would have been sure to see this type of talk from a sitting president as a real indication of provocations to come and this has done nothing to alleviate or even calm down tensions in the least.

In Wednesday’s interview, he discussed various issues currently facing the country. When questioned whether Mr. Trump’s remark on October 5th was in relation to ‘rocket man’ North Korea and Iran Mr. Trump immediately responded ‘’we just can’t let this go on, …we just can’t’’ President Trump then expanded to say that the issue(s) ‘’should have been handled 25 years ago’’ and that ‘’Obama should have taken care of it’’ and that ‘something has to be done’’. These are all ominously alluding to a possible showdown with Iran and North Korea soon.

Mr. Trump seemed to praise the Chinese by saying ‘’China has been very helpful, I think’’, and that they have shut down the banking to North Korea, however, coming back to a stony rhetoric of ‘’we’re going to see what happens, but we cannot allow this to happen’’. He then went on to mention that former president Bill Clinton, despite giving billions in aid and trade to North Korea and Iran, should have done more to curb their nuclear and military capability.

Following the veiled threats to Iran and North Korea, President Trump reaffirmed that the American military is strong and the biggest and best equipped in the world and that America is ‘’close to $800 billion in spending’’.

All the talk coming from President Trump seems to be alluding to a showdown with Iran and North Korea which some belief would definitely involve the military conflict as well. This has raised questions from far afield as to whether Mr. Trump is even fit and capable enough to oversee & control the most destructive arsenal on earth. Congress has even started considering whether they should pass legislation that would prevent the president from launching a first strike.

The USA has its disposal some 4,000 nuclear warheads; to give you some perspective of the amount stockpiled it would take only about 1,103 warheads to completely decimate North Korea, Iran, Libya, Iraq, Syria, China and even Russia, leaving a staggering 2,897 warheads still left.

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