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  • Twitter’s Twindex will Bring More Excitement in America 2012 Election

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    America last election was really exciting since the people were stick to the TV to know the final results. This year, Twitter has decided to make America 2012 election more exciting than before and therefore, it launched Twindex.
    What is Twindex?
    It is Twitter Political Index, a new feature from the innovation house of Twitter. According to head of government, news and social innovation at Twitter, Adam Sharp, Twindex will monitor the political sentiment of hundreds of millions of Twitter messages regarding the opinions and views of two 2012 Presidential Candidates. That’s mean you will get an idea of twitter users’ opinions by simply checking the Index.
    As you know this year, President Obama will have to compete with Mitt Romney who is the nominee from the presumptive Republican. So, it has been decided by the Adam Sharp to come with something more innovative and useful feature with which people can enjoy the election more than last year. Therefore, team came with Twindex. All messages regarding the both candidates will be taken. A poll of views will be established after initial sorting of views.

    Where to Find Twindex?
    Well, there is a new site named election.twitter.com. You will be able to have your eyes on latest results regarding the election every day at 8 p.m., Eastern Time. You will be to reflect the latest daily views about the candidates. At this point, you also have to keep in mind that this is an additional poll of views not that of a replacement of traditional polls. With the help of Twindex, you can grab an idea of national feelings. By checking this index, you can anticipate who will be the next President of America.
    According to my viewpoint, Twindex is just like a political forecast. We often check the weather forecast before making a decision of holiday and traveling. So, it would be better to stick with Twindex before casting a vote. Just check what are the opinions and views of public!!!

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