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  • Touch ID on your iPhone 5s

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    We all love our phones especially when you have the latest model. While using iPhone, you have to enter a passcode dozens and dozens of time so as to be able to access anything on that phone. The advantage of using the passcode is the fact that no one else will be able to access it apart from you or maybe someone that you have given the passcode of which it can bring privacy issues. Entering the passcode every now and then can slow you down and that is one reason iPhone 5s has a fingerprint identity sensor known as Touch ID.

    This is considered as the most secure way of accessing your phone as no fingerprints resemble each other. It is not only secure, but it is also very convenient, more futuristic, easier and faster as all that you have to do is put your thumb on the Home button. Other features of your iPhone 5s that you can access with your fingerprints are such as the App Store, the iBook Store as well as the iTunes Store since the moment that you touch with your fingerprints the phone will unlock. If there is someone or some people that you trust and you would like them to access your iPhone 5s, then you do not have to worry as Touch ID will allow you to enroll multiple fingerprints. With the Touch ID it does not matter the orientation whether landscape or portrait as it offers you 360 degrees readability.

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