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    Ignoring a militarily assertive China encouraged by the U.S. recessional from the world stage and not a word about internet hacking originating in China of sensitive financial and military information, this is the best that Obama could come up with?From the New York Post, Wednesday November 12; “BEIJING — The United States and China pledged Wednesday to take ambitious action to limit greenhouse gases, aiming to inject fresh momentum into the global fight against climate change ahead of make-or-break climate talks next year.”

    Does this set a record for the most non-squitter’s in a single foreign policy stroke? Does not acquiescence in the face of a threat implya consent to be threatened? On the international chess board, it says the next move is yours.

    An administration with a “feckless” (Hillary’s words) foreign policy then touts an agreement to fight a common fictitious enemy called climate change aka global warming. An adoring media, most of whom wouldn’t know a molecule from a molar, may find this titillating but to anyone who has done the scantest research on the “monster” carbon dioxide molecule, it falls somewhere between ludicrous and disgusting.

    To wit, the “scary” number of 400 parts per million CO2 reduces down to one part in 2500 for anyone recalling elementary school mathematics. That’s one molecule of CO2in 2500 molecules of air. A property describing an element’s ability to absorb and convey heat is called specific heat. Carbon dioxide has a specific heat just above eight while the remaining atmospheric constituents are in the four range.

    To say that CO2 has the ability to impart any measurable temperature rise to the other 2499 air molecules is as ludicrous as assuming that lights of a major sports stadium could be fed by a single household extension cord.

    Beyond the absurdity of the physics is the enormous economic cost resulting from suppression of energy resource development in obeisance to the global warming “religion”. Comparing crude oil costs with U.S. consumer spending shows that this policy has cost 20 million jobs. Since about 10 million new jobs would bring the U.S. close to full employment, it is obvious that they have shared their misery with the world.

    In his book, The Real Global Warming Disaster”, British author Christopher Booker details the problems that attempted compliance with EU goals for greenhouse gas emissions has caused their stationary power industry.

    If China truly buys into this energy trap, it will slow their economic growth and hence, their ability to influence world events. It will minimize their ability to pose a military threat in the South China sea and elsewhere and perhaps even cause them to refocus their computer talent pool from hacking to modeling atmospheric behavior. Some naysayers may bring up the question of who will cover U.S. budget deficits but they forget about the Federal Reserve printing presses.

    Who says that President Barack Obama is not a foreign policy genius?

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