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    Maintained by Accenture and designed for smart phones Symbian is a mobile operating system that was launched and operated by Psion. First used on Nokia N8 the latest version of Symbian which is known as Symbian 3 was introduced in Q4 2010. A combination of a mobile phone and a PDA gave birth to an Ericsson R380 Smartphone which was the first touchscreen Symbian phone which was released back in the year 2000 and was also the first device marketed as a smart phone.

    Nokia is one of the most widespread phone maker as it keeps introducing news models every now and then. The Nokia N95 has a TV-out, a 5 megapixel camera that has autofocus, a LED flash, GPS as well as a Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity. The 9500 was one of a kind as it was both Nokia’s first Wi-Fi phone and camera phone while with a symbian the Nokia 6110 Navigator was introduced in 2007 which is a GPS phone.

    The introduction of Nokia N8 smart phone was a milestone for Nokia  as it launched the first gadget that used the symbian 3 OS. The smartphone had features such as front-facing VGA camera that is used for video conferencing, a stylus free capacitive touch screen as well as a 12 megapixel camera that has a capability of recording HD video in 720p. The N8 was launched three years ago. For sometime the Symbian OS was considered as the number one smart phone opportunity but it was later replaced by Android making it number two.

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