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    Republican Candidates in election 2016

    In the past few years, Republican party and its principles have served the society well enough to make the party an important role player. Even though the party contributes much, the political success of the Republican Party is much like a roller coaster ride that is not coming to halt for now at least. Till the mid 90s, the Republican Revolution was at play as the party enjoyed clear majority in both houses. However, it all soon changed for them in the year 1996. As soon as George W bush came to power, Republicans had their candidate up there, but they faced quite a backslash for his military actions and terror attacks during his time. And then with the election of Barack Obama, they finally gave their political development a fresh new start.
    Even though they have started afresh, now the Republicans are ready to race again. Race again, against the Democrats. This is going to be a tough war as the favourite candidates still hail from the Democrats- Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Hillary Clinton has been very popular for her reforms and electing her as the president could be in the favour of a woman-empowered nation. Bernie Sanders however is a clear headed longest serving nationalist leader who has very strong agenda and might be just the person America would like to see as the new President. But still, here is a look over the front runners of presidential campaign for 2016 from Republican Party-
    Bobby Jindal
    Bobby Jindal has a pretty impressive track record as he was given the responsibility of the Human Services Department of the state of Louisiana. Then in 2008, he created history by becoming the first Indian American to get elected as a Governor of a state. Even though he has quite a name to back him up, the light can’t shine better than the upcoming stars from Democratic Party.
    Carly Fiorina
    When it comes to the fame quest of Republican women contestants, perhaps there is only one we know- Carly Fiorina. Carly Fiorina is contesting the Presidential election for the year 2016. She is a genuine woman who has strong political views unlike the others. She is one of the best entrepreneurs to have come up to contest the election. There is no denying the fact that she is a respected candidate with good views but recovering from downfalls of the past could be a bit more of a long shot here for her.
    George Pataki

    George Pataki is an experienced politician in his own way. With an experience of more than three terms that is 15 years as the Governor of state of New York, he is a strong contender for the Presidential seat. With undeniably successful track record, Pataki might just be the answer to Democrats and the Americans for all the issues that need to be solved. What really is commendable about him is his stance on all the social issues.

    These are not the only candidates. There are many others like Marco Rubio and Brian Russel- from entrepreneur to spiritual leaders, Republicans have indeed a long list of candidates lined up for Presidential elections 2016.

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