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  • Reasons of democrates loss in Mid term elections 2014

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    Roughly seven days ago, the Democrats lost both Houses. Republicans have gained seven seats from Senate Democrats, with a possible eighth coming in the Alaska and Louisiana runoffs. Not to mention the gubernatorial races with surprising Republican victories in traditional Democratic states such as Maryland,Massachusetts, and Illinois.

    So why did the Democrats lose so big this year? For one, you can claim the low voter turnout. Not since 1942 has voter turnout been so low. In recent history, low voter turnout meant huge losses for the Democratic party since they rely on a huge turnout. The reasons for this low voter turnouts are numerous. This was the Democrats election to lose. Not to take away credit from the Republican party, but this year’s election debacle was the Democrats’ own undoing. For one, Democrats were lacking a clear message. There was no clear message at all. What was it? What was their main goal in winning these elections? It is almost as if they took a page out of the Republican election book and did nothing to improve their chances at winning. They have also pushed aside their their messenger in President Barrack Obama. Due to his low approval ratings, Democratic leaders decided it was best to keep him out of the limelight during these elections.

    There are so many issues that Democrats have yet to adequately address notably Ebola and ISIS which has been dominating the news media as of late. Democrats have also devalued heir own policies such as the Affordable Healthcare Act and the immigration issue. There has also been a lack of media attention regarding the elections. In the end, this nation has not turned into a Republican country overnight. The problem is the low voter turnout. Numerous people were just plain fed up with the direction the country is headed, but did not want to concede their votes to the Republican party. More people decided to set this one out this year and not vote at all. These same people would more than likely vote Democrat if things were better and these issues had been addressed.

    It’s easy to say the White House needed to do something fast. But will they even act on these mistakes? If so, how? What can Democrats does in this now lame duck term that they haven’t accomplished since 2010? It’s a little known fact that President Obama has made more more changes than most people think or would like to hear. But in the end, it always refers back to “What have you done lately?” The Democrats knew they were in for a loss, but they weren’t expecting such a huge one. If anything, they should’ve been prepared and more equipped headed into election season to get the voter turnout up.

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