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    In the recent times smartphones have become very popular. With more connectivity that has a feature phone and advanced computing capability a smart phone is a mobile phone that has been built on a mobile operating system. There are many advantages that are associated with smart phones over other type of mobile phones. This is because they have web browsers, personal digital assistant, GPS navigation units, high-resolution touchscreens, pocket video cameras as well as low-end compact digital camera and portable media players.

    Every now and then smart phones keep introducing more and more feature s. MeeGo, Maemo, Google’s Android, Hewett-Packard’s webOS, Samsung’s Bada, Apple’s iOS, Microsoft WndowsPhones as well as RIM’s Blackberry OS and Nokia’s Symbian are the mobile operating systems that are used by today’s smart phones. You maybe wondering on how to access high-speed data but you can always use mobile broadband and Wi-Fi.
    When it comes to people making a choice between a feature phone and smart phones they always go for the smart phone since it is more advanced. This can be prooved by the sale of smart phones in 2013. The operating systems that they use which are named above can be downloaded on several types of phone models and the best thing is the fact that in a phone’s lifetime it can manage to receive multiple OS software. Canonical Ltd’s Ubuntu Phone as well as Tizen and Mozilla’s Firefox OS are some of the operating system that will soon hit the market as they are in the process of being introduced.

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