Pennsylvania Decides, Special Election

Results are trickling in for Pennsylvania special election. The race has been heated, with one candidate enjoying the backing of President Trump and quite experienced Rick Saccone, a state representative, and a relatively younger Democrat Conor Lamb, a former prosecutor and marine veteran.

Though the race was very competitive, unofficial reports had Lamb leading by a hundred votes margin against Saccone. This election is especially crucial for Republicans, who lost the seat due to sex scandals. The resignation of Tim Murphy, Republican Represented has somewhat affected the republican standing in the state that saw Trump win by a 20 point margin in 2016.

Tim Murphy resigned after revelations of an extramarital affair. He supposedly encouraged his lover to procure an abortion on suspicion of pregnancy.

Pennsylvania has been a predominantly a white working-class republican state so much so that Democrats have not had anyone stand for house representative for the past two elections. This fight between Saccone and Lamb is expected to be a yardstick for how the November Mid-term elections will go.

Trump administration has a planned a series of visits to boost Rick Saccone’s campaign, with even the president personally throwing his weight behind the hopeful through a tweet on Tuesday.

President Trump has been in the district in January and a second time on Saturday in a bid to add weight to Saccone’s campaign. In response, the Democrats called in Joe Bidden to rack up support for Lamb.

Democrats are standing up to have their votes count as evidenced by 33-year-old Lamb’s continual traction, a Democrat, in a mostly Republican state. A Democrat win will signal hard times for the Republican Party in their strongholds and show just how little Trump support would help in coming polls.

“These results should terrify Republicans. Despite their home field advantage, and the millions of dollars outside groups poured into this race, Republicans found that their attacks against Connor, including their unpopular tax scam, were not believable,” said Ben Ray the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman in a statement.

Lamb has however reiterated that his campaign is not geared toward Trump being the primary issue. “We were executing a plan we came up with a long time ago that had nothing to do with the president,” Lamb said in a statement to reporters after voting on Tuesday morning.

In his statement, Saccone promised to be the president’s wingman when elected and to help him out with much-needed support in Washington, DC.

A loss by the Republicans would be another humiliation on the Trump administration, considering the amount of money that has been pumped in the single state seat, 12 million, and coming in the wake of another loss for the Republican Party due to a win by Senator Doug Jones, a Democrat, in Alabama. It will prove to be a hindrance on their wider push for house majority.

Another Democrat win will be a clear sign that the party is gearing for a house control in their favor