Touch ID on your iPhone 5s

We all love our phones especially when you have the latest model. While using iPhone, you have to enter a passcode dozens and dozens of time so as to be able to access anything on that phone. The advantage of using the passcode is the fact that no one else will be able to access

How Ipad app makes Student life easy

Technology has really helped in easing up so many things. Technology has gone even further to help students in the classroom with several apps that are designed specifically for this purpose. Below here we are going to have a look at some of these apps that are designed for students. When students want to save

What Music Maker app do to you

Music maker Jam just like its sounds is a chance for users to play around with different mixes and sounds. Its quite perfect for those that are trying their hands in mixing music from different genres. The app that allows the users to get access to more than four different music genres was launched by

Some Apps that you can use online

Today in the technology world there are many Apps that have been introduced and most of them work towards making life easier. Below here we are going to have a look at some of them. Users can now enjoy attaching files that are up to 100MB when they subscribe to Silent Circles. At the end