President Donald Trump?

For several days this week, Donald Trump has retweeted followers encouraging him to run for president, using inspirational words such as fearless, genuis and the real deal. Trump responded to “will you run” and “run,” with “Stay tuned” and “I am.” Is Trump really running for office this time or just ramping up publicity since

Obama sends 1,500 More US troops to Iraq

Obama sends 1,500 More US troops to Iraq President Barack Obama approved sending up to 1,500 US troops to Iraq, almost doubling the number of land forces in the country to support the Iraqi and Kurdish forces in the fight against the Islamic State, US officials said Friday. Obama’s decision greatly expands the scope of

Happy Thanksgiving, Ferguson

The burned businesses and the torched police cars and the busted windows and the looting of stores was as bad as it was because nobody expected it to be that bad. That was the curious assessment of City of St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson on November 26, two days after a grand jury determined

Obamacare a Political Mistake

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) was brutally honest when speaking to the National Press Club on November 25. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was a political mistake, he said. The U.S. Senate’s third-most, senior Democrat said during a speech at the National Press Club on November 25 that his party took the mandate the American voters

No Indictment, Obama Criticizes Law Enforcement

FERGUSON, MO – Just minutes after the prosecutor announced that no charges would be filed against the officer for the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, 18, the rioting began. Within the hour, a police car was vandalized, store windows busted, and gunshots fired outside the Ferguson courthouse in the street where a “Seasons Greetings” banner

Obama’s Benghazi Story was “Flawed”

For days following the September 2011, Benghazi attack, President Barack Obama and his spokespeople insisted that the attack was not terrorism. Instead, they chose to mislead voters with twisted facts and created a tale that put the blame on a novice, American filmmaker. At that time, Obama, Ambassador Susan Rice and others repeated the false