Popularity of Smartphones

In the recent times smartphones have become very popular. With more connectivity that has a feature phone and advanced computing capability a smart phone is a mobile phone that has been built on a mobile operating system. There are many advantages that are associated with smart phones over other type of mobile phones. This is

Advantages of Apple Inc. iOS

Back in the year 2007 the technology giant Apple Inc. Introduced the first iPhone ever. This was a big milestone as this was the only mobile phone that would use a direct finger input on its large touchscreen while other feature phones did not have such a feature. Many of the other phones that were

Advantages of using smartphones

Using some smart phones is like using a portable computer as they provide a second screen for media multitasking and also allow watching television. It is beleived that by March 2011 millions and millions of mobile phone users made use of location-based services. There are also applications that will allow you to prevent unwanted calls.

Symbian for Nokia Phones

Maintained by Accenture and designed for smart phones Symbian is a mobile operating system that was launched and operated by Psion. First used on Nokia N8 the latest version of Symbian which is known as Symbian 3 was introduced in Q4 2010. A combination of a mobile phone and a PDA gave birth to an

Introduction of iPhone 4S

Its quite amazing how Apple products are received once they are introduced to the market. One such  scenario can be confirmed by the way the improved version of iPhone 4 was received. Upon its first 24 hours of it being in the market iPhone 4S had more than one million pieces ordered. The previous record

Launching of Apple gadgets

Over the time that Apple Inc. Was introduced it has managed to launch more devices and advanced ones, since by 2013 iPhone 5 was made available. With every innovation the gadget is improved and has more features than the previous one. When you are using iPhone 4 you will feel like you are attending to

How YouTube Helps Students and Institutes?

There was a time when the famous educational institutes thought that a simple website was good enough to attract the attention of prospective students. However, this situation has completely changed after the emergence of Youtube. Do you want to know how? I would like to demonstrate both sides of this change. Side No. 1 Institutes

MAINGEAR VYBE 15, Super Spec Gaming Notebook

Do you love to play game on your notebook? If yes then no need to look here and there since Maingear has launched MAINGEAR VYBE 15 inch Notebook with super specification just for game lovers. Before I start explaining the laptop and its available options, I would like to tell you about Maingear which is