Barack Obama Biography Documantry

Often accused of lacking enough political experience to ultimately qualify him for the White House, Barack H. Obama comes across in this biography as a visionary; and experienced consensus-builder who can reach across opposing party lines and various points of view.

Alien Planet “Full Documentary”

The CGI or computer animated drama/documentary takes place on Darwin IV, a planet 6.5 light years from earth, with 2 suns and 60% of Earth’s gravity. Having identified Darwin as a world that could support life, Earth sends a pilot mission consisting of the Mothership Von Braun and three probes: Balboa, Da Vinci, and Newton

Google best android phone

Supported by Google this is an Open Handset Alliance that was founded by Andy Rubin back 10 years ago. ARM, Samsung, Intel as well as Motorola and HTC are some of the major software and hardware developers that has assisted in the maintanance of this open source platform known as Android. Branded as the G1

Latest Tablets for kids

In the near future desktop PCs which breakdown every now and then and the maintenance is a bit expensive will be a thing of the past with the introduction of the Tablet PCS which are portable anywhere. Because of these developments Microsoft is now looking long term options and projects to maintain the market like

Main advantage of BlackBerry Phones

BlackBerry torch, BlackckBerry curve and BlackBerry Bold are some of the most popular products by RIM that are used worldwide. When Rim launched its first device back in the year 1999 it made communication of email on a wireless device very possible. As people would create, share and access information instantly through the BlackBerry messenger

Era of Tablets

Having been in introduced in the recent past tablets has become the most convenient computing device in the market the reason is because of their features, light in weight therefore portable and since it has a touch screen its simple to have full control of the screen and this has really affected Microsoft as a