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    Obama’s Statement to keep black as slave in our blood

    President Barack Obama is set to have started one of the biggest controversies with the on going stance of his on the slavery that used to exist almost 200 years ago. With the passing of the order that would be bringing almost 6 million US Dollars to the aid of the Chicago people who were subjected to slavery and other practices, many critics and even black propagandists believe that such a step could actually bring future reparations as the country could be robbed off its cash, in huge volumes.

    The plan is initially for the citizens of Chicago who were subjected to the brutal rule of the police commander John Burge till 1991. The official apology has been issued by the state and thus the compensations are being readied to be distributed to the people in order to provide for the education of the children. Not just college tuition fees, the money would be put to use in order to combat the effects of psychological torment and drug abuse too, which was a result of Burge’s time in service.
    This can be greeted as a noble gesture by a few but if this is welcomed, nation-wide reparations and apologies are going to come from the White House in no time. According to social activists as well as many experts, The Obama Government would make one of the biggest mistakes if they allow this to happen. Even though it is in support of the blacks, many blacks too condemn this reparation.
    “This is going to weaken the economy as more and more people are going to push for cash as compensation”, says an expert. It is almost correct. With no check on whether the family was enslaved or not, the whole black population could come and ask for the cash compensation and there could be a huge chance of the balance of the society to go off the levels. Instead of this, people believe that President Obama should actually remind the people of America that they are one and now stand strong towards any such practice. “There is no point in going to the past and looking back for the wounds that can be healed by time” says a Black Social activist. He adds, “Slavery was indeed something that deserved condemnation. For long, Blacks were not even given the freedom of choice that they deserved let alone anything else. But we as people of America are strong and should look forward to building a bright future ahead instead of delving in the past.”
    President Obama’s stand on the slavery as well as slave trade affected people became quite clear after his visit to Senegal in 2013 when even Republic of Mauritian came into question for its cruel slave trade. Even though his words seemed quite inspirational, he could not stop the slave trade and such atrocities globally and voice an opinion that could bring a change.
    Perhaps, through the reparation program, President Obama and Mayor Rahm Emanuel are trying to bring forward some issues that have been long kept under wraps with the fight of equality, rights and time.

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