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    Obama criticizes Gun Control crises

    President Barack Obama is correctly termed as one of the most anti-gun presidents that American people have ever seen. It has been correctly said about him that he gives a real tough time to all the gun associations and owners put together. Even though he supports strict anti-gun ideology and doesn’t want guns or firearms to be available to people that easily, a few people have criticized him openly- not only the gun associations, but a few anti-gun ideologists too.
    The Gun Control Methodology that President Barack Obama adopted for his presidential campaign when he was coming to power for the first time has ridiculously failed no doubt. When his report card would be made on the seven most important issues of Gun Control, President Obama would be flunking all the issues, quite to the disbelief of all his supporters and other anti-gun supporters.

    The Charleston shooting incident has made him quite the centre of attention indeed. In the recent shooting massacre that has been like a nightmare for the people of America, it has been evident why gun control is indeed a necessary policy and not simply a choice to be overlooked. Joe Riley the mayor of the city too blamed the incident on the easy availability of guns and not the racial attitude being shown in people. President Obama in his recent statements condemning the shooting emphasized that Gun Control is a need now as the easy availability of weapons and firearms is what is prompting the people to lean towards violence rather than going for a rational solution. President Obama’s statement comes to no aid if it is seen from the point of view of the American people, who today live under the looming threat of such massacre happening again in the near future. After all, one can’t stop violence by taking away firearms.

    The criticism that President Obama faces from the anti-gun ideologists and activists this time is due to the change of his stance and the tone of his statement over the gun control issue. After the Tuscan issue, it seemed that President Obama is really troubled by the increasing number of violent shooting incidents coming up every other month. Thus, it was though that the anti-gun ideology that he had been initially adopted would be finally implemented. But even after 5 years, President seems to have failed to have brought things under control. Not only that, his statements reflected a ‘getting used to’ mood where he didn’t even acknowledge the specifics of the shooting incident. “There have been many such incidents and I have made these types of statements many times. We don’t know exactly what happened but we are aware that innocents have been killed again due to a person trying to inflict harm upon others”. Such words seem quite inappropriate for a person like President Obama, who should have taken a strong stance over this issue.
    Obama has always openly criticized the Gun Control crisis. He has blamed the increasing number of shooting incidents on easily available guns but we are from the time perhaps where we would see actual gun control coming into implementation or action.

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