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  • Microsoft Outlook Webmail, a New Competitor of Gmail

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    I’m sure that now you have heard news that hotmail has replaced with a new and improved Microsoft Outlook webmail. I’m not here to repeat old news, I’m here with some more information and rumors. So, let’s start with rumors first. According to many tech analysts, this latest outlook webmail is designed to compete well with the best mail account on the web GMail. One feels really comfortable with Gmail since it has little or no spam and in addition, one can enjoy a lot of other Google products and services through this single account. After seeing the growing name and fame of GMail, Microsoft decided to entertain its hotmail or aol.com account users in a new and improved way and so, finally we hit with Outlook webmail. It’s really difficult to predict which one will be the leader of mail in next few years. However, I must say that Microsoft adds good features to webmail.
    According to Vice-President of Microsoft, Chris Jones, this redesign is intended to serve users who are less concerned about mail and more concerned about their social updates and accounts. People access their mails not only from PC but also from mobiles and tablets. Therefore, company has design the cloud first; a user can access their account from anywhere anytime via any device.

    What is New in Outlook Webmail?
    • The user can remain in contact with his friends on Facebook, Google, twitter, linkedIn, etc
    • Skype is integrated to offer a flawless video chat experience to the users.
    • Webmail will sync with contacts, calendar and other content; no matter whether it is on mobile phone or PC.
    • Search box is shortened so that you can obtain 30 percent more messages on the screen.
    • No annoying ads will be there
    • There will be a cleaner look than before; no cluttering of contents and ads.
    What about Old Hotmail Accounts?
    I know that this news may be somewhat difficult to absorb by old hotmail account users but your difficulty will be minimize when you come to know that upgrade option is here for you. You just need to go to option menu where you will find the outlook upgrade. Just hit on it and problem will be solved. Your old emails, contacts, messages,etc will be imported to new account. Your friends can still use your hotmail address for contacting with you . However, it is good to add a new outlook account.

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