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    BlackBerry torch, BlackckBerry curve and BlackBerry Bold are some of the most popular products by RIM that are used worldwide. When Rim launched its first device back in the year 1999 it made communication of email on a wireless device very possible. As people would create, share and access information instantly through the BlackBerry messenger among other features. Before the introduction of the first BlackBerry back in 1999 some of these services were not available on phone apart from desktops that were connected to the internet. BlackBerry devices are believed to be one of the high end products in the world since over 80 million mobile subscibers around the world use it. By September 2012 RIM had managed to sell its 200 millionth smart phone and this shows how well the device has been received.

    Dues to the popularity of Blackberry devices among other things RIM which was the name of the company that gave birth to these products has since been changed to BlackBerry. Despite the platform transition the company has managed to retain production of quality gadgets and has been focusing on new devices such as BlackBerry 10. Q10 and BlackBerry Z10 sare full-touch devices that has been released on this platform. Therefore, the next time that you are thinking of getting a smart phone for yourself or your friend consider purchasing a BlackBerry by BlackBerry. Its the best wireless device that you can use to connect to social networks, accessing emails, sharing and taking photos and making calls.

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