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    LinkedIn is among those social networks where you can find the valuables news and guides. For keeping its members well-informed , LinkedIn launched LinkedIn Today which is a social news product. It is tried by the team of LinkedIn to add more comfort into the life of its members and to make the user’s experience delightful. Therefore, it introduced two remarkable features. The main purpose of introducing these features is to simplify the experience of its members.
    Here are two features available for the LinkedIn Members:
    Commenting and Liking: It is thought by the team that the comments on the news also offer a good insight into the matter and therefore, this social product is integrated with commenting and liking feature. Now you are able to not only comment on the news but also to know what other members in your social network are thinking about the latest news. A snapshot of member likes and commenting can be check just below the headline.

    Trending In the Network: Another feature that makes the LinkedIn Today more interesting for the members is the Trending in the network. When you check the social news product then you are in a position to know what news is in trend. That’s mean you can filter the news in a new way. By clicking on the tab, you can get an idea which stories are popular among your social network.
    Both features are indeed good as through them a member of LinkedIn is able to know what is going on in the mind of other people in his network. You feel more socially connected in the presence of such features. In case you didn’t try these features before then it’s time to check the latest story from this social network and to leave your comment on the post.

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