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    Over the time that Apple Inc. Was introduced it has managed to launch more devices and advanced ones, since by 2013 iPhone 5 was made available. With every innovation the gadget is improved and has more features than the previous one. When you are using iPhone 4 you will feel like you are attending to things personally as it has two cameras one front facing used for video conferencing and a back facing one. Users of the iPhone 4 were allowed to use the 3G connection as a wireless Wi-Fi hotspot.
    Third-party applications were allowed to multitask when iOS 4 which included an APIs was introduced in June 2010.
    Apple Inc is a technology giant that does not sleep at its work as on 4th of October 2011 the iPhone 4S was introduced which was an improved version of iPhone 4.

    The new gadget had the World phone capability that ensured that whether you are using a CDMA or GSM it’s going to work on this gadget, it also came with Siri an application that is an automated voice assistant I mean you speak and the message is sent, the capability of recording 1080p video at 30 frames per second using the 8 megapixel camera on it and also a dual core A5 processor. Gadgets by Apple has been very well received and one can tell by the millions and millions of people who purchase them once they are launched. Hundrends of them are ordered within the first 24 hours of their introduction.

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