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    In the near future desktop PCs which breakdown every now and then and the maintenance is a bit expensive will be a thing of the past with the introduction of the Tablet PCS which are portable anywhere. Because of these developments Microsoft is now looking long term options and projects to maintain the market like the introduction of a surface book which has a larger display, touch screen and a bigger resolution where you can also watch movies. The surface is believed it will compete with notebooks and laptops. However, Windows 8 which is an operating system has been well received and it’s a big milestone for Microsoft. Since it has a USB port you can input a flash and a hand drive, and also has a micro SD that will always increase its memory. With its live tiles the windows 8 updates pictures, weather, emails among other things without having to do it yourself like you would on the previous operating system even when its on idle mode.There is a downsized tablet known as Nabi Jr.

    Tablet for children with a smaller memory, games educational applications and the appearance is so exciting to kids since it is very colorful. This is an excellent development in the Tabs world since kids will learn and keep themselves busy. Therefore, if your wish your kid to be educated and the same time be entertained you should consider getting them a kid friendly tablet. There are several options of kid friendly tablets.

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