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    Yes, she’s focused, she’s a fighter and she’s more than just fierce who is about to enter the presidential race with a bang. Well, if sources are to be believed and online news from fox news live stream, CNBC live stream or MSNBC live is taken in account, Hillary Clinton is all set to play the next move for 2016 Presidential elections and announce her candidature. With the account of previous mistakes and new challenges standing ahead in the way, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Lady Clinton is doing well and taking her time to announce the big news. The live announcements for her campaign and candidature will be aired on all news channels and will also be streamed live from http://www.hulkuse.com/watch-fox-news-live-streaming/ or the main CNN stream. Latest updates will be posted on the website http://www.hulkuse.com.

    Hillary Clinton as all are aware of, is a woman who has always challenged the limits put to her as a test and speaks with such passion and power in her voice that everyone around her can actually realize her vision of a strong yet better world. In the year 2008 when Hillary was one of the contenders in the presidential election, she lost her nomination to the person who went on to become the first African-American president. It not only happened due to the driven speeches by then candidate Barack Obama, but also due to the infighting and disagreement among the staff members of Hillary Clinton. Her campaign style seemed less compelling and the team failed to promote and emphasize the importance of first female candidate for the Presidential run. But now, she is in the final stages of planning her presidential campaign which most likely will be launched in the early days of April. According to leading experts and retired senates, Hillary has had more than enough time and would have come up with a totally different and highly efficient campaign that is undoubtedly going to fetch her both the nomination from the Democrats as well as the Presidential seat.
    Most of the top positions have already been given away in the campaign management and launch team, including experienced public relations manager as well as media advisor. Learning from the past mistakes is being the key here for Hillary as unlike the year 2008, her husband Bill is being involved and will openly support her candidature right from the beginning. The main motive right now in front of Team Hillary is to improve her relations with the media which would help her putting her image in a better way, let alone building and shaping it.
    With a major event lined up before the end of this quarter on March 4, the Clinton Foundation would be holding one last fund raising entertainer with Carol King after which it is believed that Hillary Clinton will announce her run for the presidential elections of 2016. Friends and advisors truly believe that she has not got any kind of red cross marked on her calendar and she is not in any kind of hurry- she is taking her time to balance out the advice from close people and her thoughts. The nation awaits their first woman President, who will mark the beginning of a new era.

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