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  • Iran’s nuclear capability threatens the US

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    Last year, Tehran was on the verge of collapsing. The country’s currency lost three-quarters of its value majorly because of the tough economic sanctions imposed on Iran by the US in 2012. The country then plunged into a crisis with sky-rocketing inflation and high unemployment rate. At the time, Iran’s reliable regional ally the Syrian regime’s Bashar al-Assad, was also destined for destruction with violent attacks from within and without by Mr. Obama’s threats to end Assad’s use of deadly chemical weapons.
    Today, Iranian rulers are on the verge of achieving a remarkable diplomatic triumph over the United States. What’s even more interesting is that they only used bluff to get what they wanted. Their foes used their massive resources; technology, money, sabotage, military power and more to bring Iran’s economy to its knees. In return, Iran’s rulers maintain clarity of purpose and now have the last laugh.
    According to the Channel 2 reports aired on Wednesday, satellite imagery was captured by Israel’s Eros-B satellite launched in April. In the imagery, Iran is seen to have recently constructed missile-related sites near Tehran. One of the sites is capable of firing an ICBM or sending a rocket into space. Seen on the launching pad was a new and surprisingly 27-meter long missile, thought to be intercontinentally ballistic, going beyond Iran, Israel and Europe.
    In addition, it appears that Iran is not only capable of frustrating Israel and Europe but can damage the US as well. It’s worth noting that the launch pad and missile in the imagery confirmed the existence of Iran’s ballistic missile program, which is a fundamental part of its nuclear weapons program that is rolling in full force.
    Today, Britain and the United States are working with Assad, not against him though, to launch bombing missions. This coordination has seen Iran receive various sanction reliefs and as a result, its currency has been strengthened, investment and foreign trade revived and inflation halted. On the other end, the United States has significantly cut down its nuclear limit demands on Iran. According to reports by the New York Times, the Obama administration has withdrawn its longstanding demands that compelled Iran to dismantle its nuclear extractors and is now asking Tehran to disjoint them. Looking at it again, Iran’s nuclear power capacity will not change, and in fact, the country can proceed with its nuclear weapon plans any time.
    Iran rulers have had a peculiar negotiating achievement. How on earth did they do it? Well, Iran went to the negotiating table with two things; something to buy and something to sell. In essence, they were willing to sell their nuclear program and buy a more normal Europe, US-Iran relationship.
    The negotiation is the latest American climb-downs. Iran rulers knew that their counterparts were likely to oppose the use of force just like the Iranians. And because the U.S was openly yearning for a deal, Iran took advantage of it. Remember, a stick your foe dreads to use is no stick at all. In the same way, a carrot that you crave for ceases to be more of a carrot.
    In the nuclear talks initiated by the U.S, Iranian rulers now have an upper hand and insist on more and as it stands, they have obtained them. The United States which began from a position of strength is today seen as a weaker party having signed away any non-military ways of stopping Iran’s final quest to complete a missile.

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