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    Its quite amazing how Apple products are received once they are introduced to the market. One such  scenario can be confirmed by the way the improved version of iPhone 4 was received. Upon its first 24 hours of it being in the market iPhone 4S had more than one million pieces ordered. The previous record was held by iPhone 4 for it had more than six hundred bought within the first 24 hours of it being around. The iPhone 4S was introduced on 4th of October 2011 and with it came with the iCloud and iOS 5.

    When you use the iPhone 4S you have so many advantages over the person who is using a normal mobile phone. The device has features that cannot be found on any other gadget such as Siri, the 8 megapixel camera, synchronization,panoramic photography, passbook and Apple Maps among other things. After sometime another iPhone is introduced. Running  iOS 6 iPhone 5 was released back in September 2012.

    With the first iPhone having been introduced in 2007 Apple is a company that has had so much to offer to its users. It keeps introducing new gadgets by improving the earlier ones and at the same time managing to maintain the quality of their products. iPhones are not that cheap and in some regions if you happen to own one then you are one of a kind. Therefore the next time you are thinking of buying a smart phone consider one of the products by Apple which include iPhone 4S.


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