Impeachment On The Cards?

Embattled President Trump could possibly face an impeachment due to obstruction of justice if new findings in a report released by The Brookings Institute gain traction. According to the report, President Trump may have dismissed former FBI director James Comey in order to stop an investigation into whether there was a definite connection between Russia and the Trump administration during the race for POTUS in late 2016.

Trump Impeachment

Trump Impeachment odds

The Brookings Institution is a non-profit organization devoted to independent research and policy solutions. It conducts thorough research in an independent capacity in order to provide sound advice to the government as well as the public. Hence the findings in the report are considered fairly impartial and above board, despite the Institute’s leanings to the left. An excerpt from the report is quite clear on the basis of the challenge presented:

’Attempts to stop an investigation represent a common form of obstruction. Demanding the loyalty of an individual involved in an investigation, requesting that individual’s help to end the investigation, and then ultimately firing that person to accomplish that goal are the type of acts that have frequently resulted in obstruction convictions, as we detail.’’

President Trump, in a cold manner, dismissed James Comey on May 09th this year in a termination letter citing strong recommendations from Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein; however this was perceived by many as scapegoating on Trump’s part as he most likely had various other, more personal reasons to dismiss Comey at the time. Mr. Rosenstein in the meantime has come out strongly denying that his recommendation was for Mr. Comey to be fired.

Mr. Comey, not one to simply take the dismissal lying down, shot back at the Trump administration by testifying to the Senate Intelligence Committee, stating that he firmly believes his dismissal had everything to do with his investigations into the US – Russia link. He detailed numerous requests from Mr. Trump to him asking for certain investigations to be either sidetracked or closed.

After Comey was fired Attorney General Rosenstein appointed Special Counsel to former FBI Director Robert Meuller to continue the investigation into alleged Russian meddling and other related issues. Should Mr. Meuller find that the report from The Brookings Institute holds ground, this may open up a strong case of obstruction of justice against the (for now) sitting president. Only 2 US presidents have been fully impeached in the past so the possibility of this occurring will likely have the administration in a real panic.

Once the outcome and final findings from Special Counsel Meuller’s current investigation are completed Mr. Meuller has several options open to him; on the one hand, he could proceed directly with obtaining an indictment against President Trump in order to proceed with prosecution or more likely he will refer the case to Congress. To refer the case to Congress he would most likely ask a grand jury and the supervising court involved to transmit the report to the House Judiciary Committee, which would then either expand on the investigation or possibly move to impeach the president.

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