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    HLN live news was launched in January 1982 and was named CNN2. This news company is owned by Turner Broadcasting system and soon received the name HLN Headline news. They did exactly that, in all genres as they offered 30 minutes of back to back news reporting. The genres they covered were Sports, Financials, Hollywood Minute for some entertainment and the most famous national and international news coverage.

    They aimed to have news available during all hours of the day, and it would not be set at one or two slots a day. The graphics of the channel was updated in 1994, and the position of the Logo was changed. Following a dip in the viewers’ numbers, the re-launch in 2001 brought forth a whole new era where you could watch live online streaming of HLN news.   The format of the screen changed and received a lot of critics with the new layout.

    Live HLN TV became more focused on the younger generation, becoming more involved in programs with a social media-themed feel. The major revamp in 2015, lead to the change of the logo and a new set at Studio 7. June 2016 HLN decided to return to the types of programming that CNN offers.


    HLN News USA Live News

    In early 2017 HLN Free stream changed their slogan to ‘News that hits Home’, this is when they are focusing more on local headlines. HLN news streaming is available for your mobile to enable you to stay up to date with the latest in news, politics or entertainment. Tune in to the cable and live HLN online stream and you are sure to receive updated information. HLN is recently focusing on providing information on more tabloid –orientated opinions in national news, business and related entertainment news. 97 million households across America have access to HLN and coverage is confirmed in parts of Asia, The Caribbean Islands and Canada.


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