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    Hillary Clinton Leading candidate from Democrats to contest election 2016

    She’s a woman, was left out but is determined to be back with a bang in the 2016 Presidential elections. This is none another than Hillary Clinton we are talking about. For her, the trail of the presidency candidature has been quite long if not particularly kind. Hillary Clinton was first introduced to the national platform in the year 1992 when her husband Bill Clinton, then Arkansas governor was taking the main stage.
    “I am going to run for president”, says a smiling Hillary Rodham Clinton at the end of her two minute election campaign video. The announcement of her run for presidency comes as an end to the long rumours and speculations that have lasted for over two years. Her announcement has thus made her probably the strongest of the Democratic nominees.

    This announcement of her candidature has thus brought the race of presidency to a whole new level of interest and competition as this becomes one of the closest events ever. Mrs Clinton didn’t really get favoured by the luck last time she tried to contest in 2008 after which the then strong candidate Barack Obama won without much effort. It is believed that finally, the United States Of America would see a first lady President, a first lady Leader of the Free World.
    ‘Everyday, Americans need a champion.” Says Hillary and that is probably one of the most accurate statements made in her video where she says that she wants to be that champion for the people to look upon and follow. Hillary in her two minute campaign kick-start video calls out to the people of America for their vote, trying to make them realize that it is their time and thus, she is strongly hoping that citizens of America would join her in her journey to Presidential Seat.
    Looking back at Hillary’s background, it is quite evident that wins have come easy to her but this time, the race can be bit too close to breathe easy. The under estimation of then fresher senate Barack Obama caused her the possible chance to reside at the White House. And that was a hard end to her victorious run till then in 2006. But if the surveys and polls are to be believed, Hillary can be the first woman President of the country, marking the beginning of a new era.
    It would be wrong to compare her with her husband or say that she has not yet adjusted to the present campaigning trend. It is quite evident that the present stiff with candidate Bernie Sanders is quite hot to be handled as Bernie is touching all the important issues and has a clear stand on them just like the winning candidate previous time Barack Obama. Even though Hillary has the support of almost all the previous Clinton fans and people do want to see a change, a clear headed and determined Bernie Sanders could hurt her dreams for Presidency once again.
    The goals are set and the stakes are high, only time can tell if this would be Hillary’s chance to make it through and be the leader Americans can look upon.

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