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    Hidden Hypocrisy, A Tale Of Jet Lag

    With the initial revelation from Politco almost 20 days ago implicating Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price in the misuse of taxpayer funds on personal jet’s there has been a massive outpouring of public discontent directed at the Trump administration. From that initial bombshell several other ‘’public servants’’ have also been implicated in the squandering of public funds, which has caused a thorough enquiry into government expenditure.
    Secretary Tom Price managed to rack up an impressive bill almost amounting to 1million dollars since May of this year; with an estimated $400,00 spent on private chartered jets and the remaining $600,000 when using expensive military jets. His movements have since been closely scrutinized and it has become obvious that a lot of the trips were personal in nature. To add to his almost legendary disregard for public spending Secretary Price has in the past been very vocal regarding curtailing of agency expenditures.
    Tom price tax payer money
    Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is a close second incurring costs up to $800,000 on military chartered flights; EPA Administrator Scott Priutt, seeming to take a cue from Tom Price also came under the spotlight as personal use of jets was also noted amounting to $60k; this is not the only irregular spending that has been noted by Mr Priutt who recently ordered renovations totaling $25,000 in his office to make space for a soundproof booth.
    Despite initial sign-off from Trump on these expenses the President has now moved to publically chastise several of the staff involved in an apparent move to control damage to the Trump administration’s lofty goal of fighting corruption. The joke being that the weeding out of corruption was a cornerstone of Trump’s race for the presidency.
    A full investigation is underway by the House Oversight Committee in which several more staff have been also placed under review; among these additional public servants is Energy Secretary Rick Perry, who has recently handed over his travel records for review; Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, who was often accompanied on trips with his wife has also been asked to hand over all records for further investigation.
    The apparent luxurious indulgence exhibited by some of the Trump administrations top people also come at a bad time for the embattled administration, who has recently faced ample criticism regarding the minimal effort and financial assistance given to the disaster relief efforts in Puerto Rico.
    ‘’Paying back some of the money’’ has been the story heard from the public servants implicated to date with Secretary Tom Price having offered to pay back some $52,000 towards his ‘’personal’’ flights; Secretary Mnuchin has also paid back some of the money, however, these actions are trivial as the vast majority of them are filthy rich; making the money paid back seem paltry in comparison.
    The Trump administration will in all likelihood take a very strong position on this and pending the House Oversight Committee’s conclusion is sure to make a public move to further condemn the errant government ‘workers’ according to fox news

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