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    For any laptop to function successfully it must have software that are very important. These PC programs improve the way that a user plays and works. Below here we are going to take a look at some of the software that are available free of charge.
    Adope Flash Player
    One of the internet essentials that you must have in your laptop if you need to watch videos in Firefox, get the best web experience and watch play games you should make sure that you download the Adope Flash Player. This is what powers YouTube, interactive websites as well as Facebook games.
    Mozilla Firefox 26.0
    You will enjoy impressive functionality when you use Mozilla Firefox 26.0 as it a flexible and faster web browser. It has smart privacy controls, the ability to add a range of plug-ins as well as tabbed browsing and built-in spell checking.

    Google Chrome
    Although Google Chrome is not as popular as its counterpart Firefox, it is proving to be catching up. Adope Flash Player is built in as standard on the Google’s web browser. Google Chrome offers excellent privacy options, tabbed browsing and a chance to install different extensions. If you have a Google account, you have an option to sync your activity and preference across multiple devices when you sign in into Google Chrome. But the things that you will enjoy most are the fact that, Google Chrome is not only speedy but also slick and stable. Adope Reader 11 helps you to open and print PDF documents.

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