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    I really like Google as this giant of web brings good news often for us. Today, I’m going to tell you about Google Handwrite which is the new feature for the Smartphone and Tablet users.
    What Exactly Google Handwrite is?
    You know very well that Google loves to add convenience into your life and the company wants to make your search experience very delightful. So, Handwrite feature from the house of feature is just to add some more cushion into your busy routine life. With the mean of this feature, you are in a position to just write the keyword through your hand and then to tap the search icon for starting the search. It will surely simpler for you to write some words via hand then to type the words through virtual keyboard.
    Why We Need Google Handwrite?
    It happens many times that we are busy in a call of our friends and family and side by side we want to do some search and thus, Google Handwrite feature is perfectly suitable for this situation. Other cases are when you are traveling in a bus and moving in a crowded area. The best example is one when we lie down on the sofa and don’t want to use the both hands for typing.

    How To Activate Google Handwrite Feature?
    It’s really easy to have this feature in your smartphone or tablet. You just need to change the settings; no need to download any kind of application for enjoying this feature.
    • For Smartphone users: Go to google.com on your smartphone and then change the settings which are available at the bottom of the page.
    • For Tablet users: Go to our browser and then tap on the gear icon as through this manner you can easily set up the handwrite feature on the device.
    After the feature is enabled, you would be able to see a handwrite icon on the bottom right corner of the screen. Tap on this icon and here you are ready to start searching after writing via hands.

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