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    Bob Beckel, a regular on Fox News program, “The Five”, whose role is generally to be the house liberal and specifically to defend President Barack Obama at every turn, said of the president’s snubbing of the Paris parade of world leaders that it was a waste of time and how many bombs have they dropped on ISIS.
    At a time when world news is a kaleidoscope of optics and sound bites, Beckel’s statement makes as much sense as any of the thousands of words which have been uttered on the subject. In a world devoid of coherent leadership and strategy directed at solving problems, sleight of hand and finger pointing passes for national goals.
    For 100 years, the United States of America has been the de-facto leader of the “White Hats” against one group of “Black Hats” after another, to use a movie western analogy. It was a late U.S. entry into World War I which finally brought an end to the brutal, trench warfare stalemate between Germany and western European powers. U.S. president Woodrow Wilson led the drive to form the League of Nations however ill-fated it may have been. Absence of American participation in World War II would have led to world domination by the Axis powers and South Korea owes its independence from North Korea to the U.S. military.
    It was president Ronald Reagan’s leadership which brought an end to the cold war and Soviet domination of Eastern Europe. Now comes a president whose stated campaign goal was “fundamental change” and, once elected, decided to abdicate that leadership role. This is like changing drivers in a speeding car on the fly and no one else has a license to drive.
    This unilateral decision on Obama’s part has led to world-wide instability, especially in the Mid-East. Political correctness has replaced leadership and strategy and the inability and unwillingness to diagnose and prescribe solutions is producing chaos. It is like playing musical chairs with an extra chair waiting to be filled.
    Obama should have been in Paris in arm lock with other world leaders, lame excuses notwithstanding. This is a world which he has largely created and bugging out was quite unseemly to the point of humiliating for the U.S. Maybe someone would have said, “hey guys, we’ve got a problem.”
    Problems like a realistic military strategy to eradicate ISIS from Iraq and Syria and to address the fester which is Yemen. Problems like the protected enclaves of immigrants in major European cities nurturing radical fantasies, a product of multiculturalism.
    The U.S. does not need to solve all these problems by itself but needs to articulate a message of leadership around which others will rally. Egyptian President Abel-Fattah el-Sisi provided a much needed inspiration when he told a group of imams on New Years Day at al-Azhar University in Cairo that “We are in need of a religious revolution”. He went on to say, “You, imams, are responsible before. the entire world … is waiting for your next move … because [the Islamic world] is being torn, it is being destroyed, it is being lost — and it is being lost by our own hands.”
    Can Obama learn to say, Islamic Terror?

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