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    Having been in introduced in the recent past tablets has become the most convenient computing device in the market the reason is because of their features, light in weight therefore portable and since it has a touch screen its simple to have full control of the screen and this has really affected Microsoft as a company since business people prefer Tablets due to its portability and other features that include checking emails, social media connectivity, music and movie downloads which are done free of charge and also for business use. You can also send drawings and handwritten notes. With its kickstand it’s appropriate to put it on a flat surface to help in supporting it up instead of holding it with your hands especially when making business presentations which is a bit tiresome and this makes it an awesome development in the industry.

    The most latest and unique device which is only available in some Asian countries is the Padfone 2 device which is a Smartphone in a tablets shell. However it will become worldwide in the near future with the launch of a 7 inch and 10 inch tablets. The CES edition which can serve as a launch pad of both tablets will be soon available which has been approved by FCC.
    When Samsung launched the Galaxy Note its receivership was so wide that the company is considering introducing a tablet that has a 13.3 inch display and will also act as a notebook because of its keypad dock. However, whether it will run in windows 8 like the new Gigabyte U2142 convertible tablet which is not as sleek or android is not confirmed.

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