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    Drawbacks of Attack on Church in America

    A week ago, the massacre of shooting at the historic black church of South Carolina put the nation shame once again. An incident which is being termed as a hate crime is currently under investigation by the US officials. A man named Dylan Roof has been arrested for the crime, which has resulted in the death of nine people.
    The shooting that has become the talk of major racial activists happened on Wednesday during the night at Emanuel African Episcopal Church after a small Bible study. The church happens to be the oldest Afro-American church in the country, established in the year 1816. After the incident, a 14-hour rigorous manhunt was set off in the search of the shooter who was caught almost 200 miles away at a traffic stop. The victims of the shooting massacre included the State Senate Clementa Pinckney who also was the pastor of the church.

    The suspect of shooting Dylan Roof was caught after a tip from a florist working late was received by the Police Department. After apprehending him, the police stated that he showed no resistance to his arrest and that they still haven’t found the weapon yet. The shooting massacre that took place at the church because of this young man is now being investigated by the police, aided by the Department of Justice through civil rights division, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Even though this is being termed as a racial attack on the blacks, ‘hate crime’ is the term under which it is being currently investigated.
    The city reportedly is mourning the death of their senate as well as the eight people who had gathered up at the church for a prayer meeting and Bible study. According to the sources and reports that have come in, Roof sat with the people of the church for almost an hour before the unreasonable shooting began. Scared victims and witnesses describe that he reloaded the gun five times while the people begged him to stop the massacre. The history of Dylan Roof has shown that he was quite inclined towards the idea of racial segregation and being too much of a violent headed person, he had been planning such an act months before. After talking to his roommates, the police have made it clear that Dylan wanted to start a war- a civil war to oust the Blacks and that he supported the Apartheid era of white dominating societies.
    This tragedy is indeed indescribable because it is still quite hard to believe that someone in today’s world would just walk into a place of peace and meet the people just to take their lives.
    The suspect remained at large for almost 15 hours after the shooting as he according to speculations got into his runaway car to get away from the vicinity. The suspect Roof however was identified by his uncle as soon as his photograph was released by the police and it began circulating.
    The loss of victims and the incident has been condemned by all the politicians and religious communities.

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