Donald Trump To Visit Proposed Wall Site

President Donald Trump is positioned to visit San Diego, his first presidential visit there. He will be in San Diego for a day to speak to the armed service, attend a Republican fundraiser and, most controversial, check on his ‘border wall’ prototypes.

It is highly unlikely that he will receive a warm welcome in the largely democratic state that voted overwhelmingly for Clinton during the last election that saw him elected as president. However, the main source of contention is his proposed border wall.

President Trump conspicuously skipped visiting California in his first year as president. And his planned visit is to be received by numerous rallies both in support of and against his plan to erect a border wall separating the USA and Mexico. Protests are also expected across the border state, Tijuana.

President Trump expects a briefing on how building the prototypes went and on the logistics involved in actualizing his one major campaign promise. He is also expected to meet with border agents that will be concerned with the construction.

Asked whether he would be picking the final prototype on this visit Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House spokeswoman refused to comment. She, however, reiterated the president’s determination in having the wall built.

From the start of his administration, there have been growing tensions between the Trump administration and the state of California. After his election as president, the state sort to protect its immigrants by proposing a series of bills that would protect it as a sort of haven for immigrants and against the anti-immigration laws that were highly popularised during his campaign period. There have also been resolutions passed against the wall, claiming it to be detrimental to the environment and tourism of the state.

All these efforts are however being fought by the trump administration as seen when the justice department sued California in a bid to block laws fashioned to protect illegal immigrants.

Organizers of the protests and counter-protests are urging participants to engage in peaceful lobbying in the hope of preventing a repeat of brawls experienced in other previous protests. Georgette Gomez, City Councilwoman, has publicly denounced the logic of building the wall and has vowed to help “send a strong message to DC to say this is something that we do not welcome” she has sponsored a resolution to oppose the building of the border wall.

The long-standing beef the trump administration and the state of California does not seem to have an ending in sight. The acting ICE Director has, on numerous occasions threatened to flood the state with federal agents in response to none cooperation with federal laws.

Trump’s anti-immigration rhetoric continues to play dismally in a state where the number of black, Latino and Asian people combined has outnumbered that of Caucasians since 1998. He continues to be increasingly unpopular with all his policies opposed by a majority of the residents there.

This visit has been in the works for a while, with President Trump announcing that he would go pick out the right border wall design personally, last year in Alabama.