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  • Cloud Based Google Wallet Makes Shopping Amusing

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    The people who are using Android phone are indeed blessed as they are able to shop any where and any time. There is no need to always visit a physical market for getting a good you need. Just have a Google Wallet application on your smartphone and your cell phone will become your wallet which can’t be stolen effortlessly. Although this application is already available to 6 phone of Sprint and Virgin mobile and one Nexus 7 tablet but what is new in this application is its support to every debit and credit card. I’m sure that many of you have little or no idea of this facility.
    Cloud Based Google Wallet

    The first version of Google Wallet makes it feasible for the specific cell phone users to go to more than 200,000 retail locations and shop whatever you want. There is no need to have a lot of liquid cash in the pocket. Now the company has made some more changes into this application. According to Android Official blog, a cloud based version of Google Wallet is available for the users. Now a user is able to shop with Google wallet in conjunction with every kind of Debit and Credit Card. That’s mean all credit and debit card from Master, Visa, Discover, American Express can be used along with the application. This new version also brings another delightful feature for you. You are capable to remotely disable your Google wallet mobile application through the web.

    High Security of Your Wallet
    Another feature which is associated with cloud based Google Wallet is the high security. All payment card data was first stored to your phone but now Google has offered some dedicated secure servers on which your virtual card number or Wallet ID will remain safe and away from any unauthorized person.
    So, go and enjoy a safe and happy online shopping through Google Wallet.

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