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The Reincarnation of Benjamin Disraeli ?

Ignoring a militarily assertive China encouraged by the U.S. recessional from the world stage and not a word about internet hacking originating in China of sensitive financial and military information, this is the best that Obama could come up with?From the New York Post, Wednesday November 12; “BEIJING — The United States and China pledged

Hey Stupid, Here’s Your Healthcare

A chief architect of the so-called Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been caught admitting what, well, smart people, already knew.Obamacare was sold on lies. Big ones. That’s right. MIT professor Jonathan Gruber was recorded on video on at least three different occasions since 2012 arrogantly bragging about the underhanded wordplay that he and others in

Can the Democrats win in 2016?

There is no doubt that if the Republican takeover of the Senate last week is anything to go by, the Democrats have their work in winning the 2016 election clearly cut out. The consequences of the Republican takeover may not last for the next two years only, as many would like to believe, but may

Obama’s Net Neutrality Reveals His Shallow Understanding of Internet

While at a business summit in China on November 10, President Barack Obama called for government regulation of the Internet in the United States through the so-called “Net Neutrality” principle, as well as turning the Internet into a public utility. Obama’s strongly-worded message pushes the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to enact regulations that will control

Reasons of democrates loss in Mid term elections 2014

Roughly seven days ago, the Democrats lost both Houses. Republicans have gained seven seats from Senate Democrats, with a possible eighth coming in the Alaska and Louisiana runoffs. Not to mention the gubernatorial races with surprising Republican victories in traditional Democratic states such as Maryland,Massachusetts, and Illinois. So why did the Democrats lose so big