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  • Can the Democrats win in 2016?

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    There is no doubt that if the Republican takeover of the Senate last week is anything to go by, the Democrats have their work in winning the 2016 election clearly cut out. The consequences of the Republican takeover may not last for the next two years only, as many would like to believe, but may have far reaching implications even in the 2016 election. That is merely one among the many reasons why Democrats, according to a number of political pundits, stand very minimal, if any, chances of pulling a win come 2016.
    The party, Democratic that is, which is believed to be evaluating their loss, needs to really look at their legislative dilemma if they really are determined to get out of the minority in the House.But first things first, just what went wrong and where, on Tuesday, and how will their (Democrats) loss affect the 2016 election? Well, this is certainly the question which must be ringing in the mind of every Democrat.

    Let’s start here: eleven state chambers, some traditionally regarded as blue states with some swing states, flipped from Democratic to GOP control. The GOP took state Senates in Maine, Colorado, Washington and New York. The Republicans also won state houses in New Hampshire, New Mexico and Minnesota. The GOP also did win both houses in West Virginia and Nevada to take full control. After Tuesday midterm election, 30 legislatures are under the control of the Republicans while Democrats are controlling 11 legislatures only with 8 split.
    So, what does this mean in relation to the 2016 election? Republicans are slowly but surely encroaching what has been historically viewed as the Democrats ‘strongholds’ and, therefore, if that continues, it will certainly be no surprise to see a GOP candidate carry the day in 2016. On the other side of the coin, if Democrats want to change this trend and remain hopeful of bagging the top seat in the next election, they have no other way than to embrace and talk about what they mostly consider controversial subjects – immigration system, gun violence and Medicaid.
    I say without any fear of contradiction that most Democrats have stuck to subjects that are safe, broadly popular and familiar among many Americans: outsourcing, ‘war on women’ and minimum wage bill. And, what are the results? Well, inauthentic, homogenized and forgettable campaign. All over the years, the Democrats have painted a picture of people who are not ready to take political risks by supporting something they really are passionate about irrespective of whether it is controversial or not.
    That reminds me of a speech the incumbent President Barrack Obama gave in November 2007 in Iowa at a dinner to celebrate his victory where he rebuked Democrats for avoiding answering some questions because their answers “won’t be popular.” Another reason why Democrats are not likely to win in 2016 is the fact that the GOP is seemingly mastering the art of ‘masking its otherwise harsh views’. As a result, they are luring what has been considered, for a long time now, as Democrats voting blocs – African Americans, the young people, single women and Latinos.
    That said and done, it is only time that will tell if Democrats will win in 2016, but it is certainly unlikely that they will.

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