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Carter To The Rescue?

Jimmy Carter, the 39th President of the United States, has offered to help out the current sitting President Donald Trump on the issue of North Korea. Carter was president from 1977 to 1981 and during his tenure had extensive dealings with North Korea, perhaps making him the best person to step in and try to

Murky Waters – The Niger Incident

Ayorou, Niger. October 4th, 2017. Green Beret US Special forces soldiers accompany Niger soldiers to a seemingly innocuous mission close to a village called Tongo Tongo. After the rendezvous, they were ambushed by about fifty local militants with unknown affiliations. Four US servicemen and about 10 Nigerien soldiers lost their lives. What happened? Well, according

Russian Influence: Investigators Gather More Evidence

The investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election is heating up with new information brought to light recently. President Trump’s oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., has been closely linked to the ever-expanding probe, by The Senate’s Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, into the Trump administrations close ties with the Russians during the 2016 elections. In

Trump’s Indelicate Handling Of Puerto Rico

You would think that a person who made it into the No. 1 seat in Washington D.C. would have had some experience in public relations and the import of perception. You would be sure that the Commander In Chief, having an extensive business background, would know how to manage the finer peculiarities of image portrayal

Upping The Ante

As tensions keep simmering between America and North Korea – Iran, President Trump has upped the rhetoric as usual. His latest remarks in an interview on Wednesday with Fox News’s Sean Hannity bodes ill. On Oct 5th President Trump met with various military leaders during which they discussed Iran, North Korea, Afghanistan and the fight

Impeachment On The Cards?

Embattled President Trump could possibly face an impeachment due to obstruction of justice if new findings in a report released by The Brookings Institute gain traction. According to the report, President Trump may have dismissed former FBI director James Comey in order to stop an investigation into whether there was a definite connection between Russia

Decertifying Mayhem: Iran in Focus

President Trump is expected to decertify the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) deal with Iran this coming 15th October. The JCPOA was signed by five permanent members of the UN Security Council as well as Germany with Iran almost exactly 2 years ago. The treaty was aimed at lifting crippling sanctions towards Iran in

Hidden Hypocrisy, A Tale Of Jet Lag

With the initial revelation from Politco almost 20 days ago implicating Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price in the misuse of taxpayer funds on personal jet’s there has been a massive outpouring of public discontent directed at the Trump administration. From that initial bombshell several other ‘’public servants’’ have also been implicated in the

Watch BBC News UK Live Streaming

Watch BBC Online news Streaming Live online streaming of BBC news was initiated in November 1997, who is currently the most popular news websites in the United Kingdom. 14 million readers globally follow BBC live online streaming, connecting to a quarter of the UK’s population through the internet. BBC news is available on radio, television

Bend The Knee

When Colin Kaepernick started kneeling during the U.S. national anthem, to peacefully protest against police brutality, no one would have ever dreamed that is would become such a large movement. Who would have ever thought that the President of the United States would end up being against NFL players bending the knee to peacefully protest