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  • Apple Mountain Lion Adds Slickness into Desktop

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    The team behind Apple wants to make its user’s more comfortable and therefore, it comes with different upgrade and system update from time to time. This time, I’m talking about Apple Mountain Lion which is a new version of its Mac operating system. The purpose behind launching this version is to somehow make the desktop as slick as the iPad and iPhone are. This new version comes with almost 100 new features. Some recognizable features are iMessages, twitter integration, Reminders and Notes. Many features of this operating system would be similar to that of iPad and iPhone. You are in a position to hook up our iDevice with the Mac to some extent, though not completely.
    iMessages: This communication software makes the user experience very delightful. They are able to start the communication on iPad or iPhone and then to end on their Mac system. This software was launched in October and since that time around 26 billion messages have been sent through it.

    iCloud Integration: This feature makes it feasible for the users to keep their data up to date across all the devices. For example, if you have edit a document on iPhjone then when you open it on Mac then it will be edited, you don’t need to edit it again.
    According to Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, Apple Mountain Lion will make your Mac experience very simple and somehow streamlined.
    For getting this version you need to spend around £13.99 if you already have previous version of Mac OS X. It is also mentioned by Philip Schiller that the downloading experience of Apple Mountain lion will be very simple and quick. You love to download it from Mac App Store.
    What you need more?????? It’s time to download this version onto Mac right now.

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