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    Back in the year 2007 the technology giant Apple Inc. Introduced the first iPhone ever. This was a big milestone as this was the only mobile phone that would use a direct finger input on its large touchscreen while other feature phones did not have such a feature. Many of the other phones that were touch screen either used a keyboard or a stylus as a means of interaction. The inbuilt applications such as map book, notepad, GPS unit as well as  kitchen timer among others were replaced by unofficial third-party native applications that were made possible by a process called jailbreaking.

    The App store by apple allowed its products such as iPhone 1 and 2 to install paid and free third party native applications which was not possible when the iPhone 1 was first launched. A year later after the launching in 2007 the second generation of iPhone was launched in 2008 which has 3G support among many other features that were not on iPhone 1.

    After the second generation of iPhone was introduced the gadget was very positively received as millions and millions of mobile phone users bought it and downloaded over a billion apps from the App Store. With over 500 applications this is one of the most trusted devices in the world and in some regions of the world it is regarded to be a high end gadget. For those who wish to download applications they can use iTunes software client where they can also browse the available applications.

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