With Blabber Mouths Like These Who Needs Spies?

Remember a fellow by the name of Edward Snowden? He revealed NSA intrusions into phone communications a year and a half ago and has been on the lam ever since taking him on a tour to Hong Kong, Russia and other exotic destinations seeking asylum.

Now comes Senator Diane Feinstein (D-Ca), chair of the Senate intelligence committee who just dumped a load of CIA documents for the world to see. She has not revealed any immediate travel plans nor indicated the need for asylum.

What’s the difference? Snowden says he acted as a matter of personal conscience and Feinstein has acted as a matter of national conscience. The first is labelled as crime conferring fugitive status and the second receives praise from Vice President Joe Biden who extolled the virtue of fessing up to a decade old sin when no other country in the world would ever do that. You think?

In the newly released report, the term, “Enhanced Interrogation” is revised downward to “Torture”. In a world threatened by the most primitive savagery in modern times, that may be a distinction without a difference and who is really upset by waterboarding someone who would cut off your head if given the chance.

Defenders of this ludicrous action state that no useful information was gathered by using “torture”, yet in the years required to put this report together, we are told that not one of the interrogators (torturers) was interviewed. This is probably small consolation for Bin Laden’s widow.

As a political move, releasing the report is another feeble jab at George Bush perhaps or maybe this is the whimper from Democrats as they relinquish control of the Senate in the new year. Either way, likely repercussions from opening up CIA secrets will keep the memory alive in voter’s memory for some time to come.

Has anyone considered the equivalency between Feinstein and Snowden? In an administration hell-bent on the closing of Gitmo by releasing thugs and killers and offering amnesty to five million illegal aliens, it would seem that the Senate intelligence committee chairman’s actions would be solid ground for a grant of clemency to Edward Snowden.

Failing that, Senator Feinstein deserves a nomination for next year’s German Fritz Bauer award to be consistent with this year’s award to Snowden. A number of people (between zero and one) will feel chagrin at U.N. criticism and their insistence that prosecutions should proceed from this revelation.

Aside from the assumption that confession is good for the soul, what earthly benefit can possibly proceed from this? Only in the flippy-dippy-do world of today’s Washington does this computer.

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