Trump Organisation Records Subpoenaed By Mueller

The Trump Organization’s business records have been subpoenaed by special counsel Robert Mueller in the on-going probe into Russia’s supposed involvement in interfering with the presidential election that saw Trump elected in 2016.
The subpoena, served in recent weeks, seeks to compel President Trump’s global empire to turn over all documents that relate to its dealings with Russia, the full extent and the scope the subpoena seeks to cover is however not clear.
Contents of the Subpoena

The company had already furnished Mueller, and other congressional investigators with documents concerning conversations, events, and meetings the organization have had in relation to the matter, according to sources close to the process. However, the recent subpoena seems to indicate that Mueller was not very confident about the Trump organization’s transparency in its dealings with Russia and that the investigation may be picking up more speed.

A source has disclosed the subpoena was to ensure that all related documents were indeed handed over to help with the inquiry. A report by The Times said it was in relation to documents prior to Trump running for president. Another CNN report in January said that the furnished documents were largely from the time after Trump had already announced his candidacy.
Trump’s denial of involvement
Trump has from the beginning been adamant about his and his empire’s none involvement in any wrongdoing. He has gone further to warn off any investigations into his and his family’s finances and other business dealings not connected to the Russia probe, terming it a violation of his rights and Mueller crossing a “red line.”
A lawyer for the Trump Organisation, Alan S. Futerfas said in a statement that they had informed the public of the Organisation’s full cooperation and response to requests from all investigations. He reiterated that this cooperation and assistant would continue remaining the same to date. White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, however, declined to comment on the matter referring any further questions to the Trump Organisation.
Some members of the House Intelligence Committee, mainly Republicans, have this week moved to close their investigations into the Russia elections meddling. They said they had not found any tangible evidence linking the Trump campaign to Russia. They also denied any evidence of Russia efforts in interfering with the elections.
Russian Sunctions
News on the subpoena was broken a short while after an announcement by the Trump administration about a series of sanctions on Russia and Russians indicted by the special counsel in the probe. The thirteen Russians and three entities have been charged with interfering with the election process by sowing discord online. It is alleged that they interfered by posting fake news online touching on issues that are very divisive in the months leading to the elections.
Investigators have questioned the inflow of Emirati money into the US. It is alleged that a specialist, George Nader is cooperating with Mueller in the investigations.
Trump has often rubbished the allegations that the Russians may have helped him win, terming them a witch hunt by Democrats.

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