Republicans Push Legislation To Block Obama Immigration Executive Order

Over a half a dozen Republican senators, including Ted Cruz in Texas, wrote last Wednesday to Senator Harry Reid, Democrat of Nevada and the majority leader in the Senate, urging him to quickly pass legislation that would prevent Obama’s executive order. They also warned other senators that they will use “all means necessary” to address what they called a constitutional crisis generated by the agent.

Last week, President Barack Obama promised sending out an executive order on immigration after last week’s general elections.The president had already infuriated many a few weeks ago and Hispanic groups defending the rights of immigrants when he spoke of an executive order until after the general election.

“What we will not do is just wait,” he said. “I think it’s fair to say we’ve shown a lot of patience.”

For their part, immigrant advocates made it clear that his patience also comes to an end.
“The election is over. (Obama should) act boldly to benefit the millions who face deportation and separation from families,” said President and CEO, National Council of La Raza, in a press conference on Wednesday. “The Hispanic community has waited too long and hope you keep your promise.”

White House officials say Obama, who will travel to Asia and Australia next week, it will take no action on his own until late November and could wait until December.Activists who are in contact with the White House expect Obama to extend a two-year deferred the deportation of more than 500,000 immigrants who were brought without leave the country when they were children, and became candidates to obtain work permits . Is expected to also take steps to make more business visas available.

Advocates for immigrants say the White House authorities debate whether they require a period of residence in the US for example, 10 years, and if the criteria for deportation do not include parents of immigrants who received their deportation postponement under the Obama administration, or only to people who have children who are US citizens because they were born here.Such decisions could determine the number of people affected by proposed program, which could be up to three million.

In an interview, Rep Luis Gutierrez of Illinois, one of the main advocates of immigration reform, said any less than five to eight million individuals would be insufficient. He and others argue that Obama’s actions enrage Republicans no matter how many people are benefited by the measure.

“The fact that less than desired will be unsatisfactory for everyone,” he said.

In layman’s terms, Republicans are furious at President Obama for even mentioning taking actions towards immigration with an executive order. But Democrats are forcing the issue to take action on immigrant since they were bested in last week’s general election. This might be the last chance for Democrats to take action on immigration before Congress resumes with its newly elected Republican majority. But the biggest question is: why now? The public is obviously outraged at the fact it has taken so long for President Obama to take real action on immigration reform. Even more mind-boggling, it seems more like playing politics than a call to action.

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