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World news was initiated in November 1997, who is currently the most popular news websites in the United Kingdom. 14 million readers globally follow news, connecting to a quarter of the UK’s population through the internet. World news is available on radio, television as well as online via cable or internet access.

You are guaranteed of 24-hour relevant news updates via the BBC News channel, including the clips and videos of all online news articles. The Broadcasting house in London contains a combination of BBC news reporting of national and international news, together with the online streaming division. Live BBC TV is available in your home TV channels for free.

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The first bulletin of bbc news was aired on a radio station called 2LO November 1922. They were only allowed one slot after 7 pm. Televised bulletins began in July 1954, where the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II was a major hit and caused 27 million people to watch this event. In 1969 the first color broadcast was filmed, and it took 65 removal vans to move the content to the BBC Television Centre.

Quite a few changes developed between 1969 and year 2000 and in 2003 BBC news 24 was introduced. After the 2010 strategy review, they were said to have the best journalism in the world, providing a wide variety of coverage of BBC news programs such as Six o’ clock News, and World News. As television was providing up to 22 hours of News in the UK since the live online stream of BBC news, it has been pushed up to 24 hours a day.

Looking back to where it all started in 1922, BBC news online is one of the oldest news broadcasters in the world. With up to 250 correspondents globally and more than 50 foreign news bureaux, you can be updated with news in politics, sport, weather and all breaking news around the clock.

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